Budweiser aim to bring up homegrown local talent

'Brewed The Hard Way' campaign by Budweiser bring together local music talent

Budweiser aim to bring up homegrown local talent

As part of their ongoing campaign 'Brewed The Hard Way', beer company Budweiser has announced 'Made Stage', a one-of-its-kind musical platform aimed at bringing together homegrown local talent.

Budweiser 'Made Stage' is scheduled to take place in Mumbai on Saturday in Todi Mills Social and will see collaboration between Dualist Inquiry, a well known EDM artist; Kohra, leading DJ and producer, and the eclectic cabaret and disco funk duo Madboy Mink.

What makes this musical experience even more relevant for the audience is the inspiring stories behind these performing artists who bring to life the tenets on which the brand’s campaign “Brewed The Hard Way” is based -- freedom, ambition and authenticity, said a statement.

The platform has been carefully curated by Budweiser to identify and celebrate Indian talent who have a compelling story to tell through their lives and their music.

'Made Stage' is a signature event of Budweiser that brings together local musicians, visual jockeys and performance directors from around the country to create a musical experience that is completely new and liberating.

Dualist Inquiry a.k.a Sahej Bakshi, says: “The EDM music scenario in India has been growing exponentially for the past few years and Platforms like Made Stage are an essential part of the scene, and an irreplaceable platform for homegrown artists.”

Budweiser will also be hosting all the performing artists to the biggest EDM festival of the world 'Tomorrowland' which is scheduled to take place in Belgium from July 22 to 24 where they will get an opportunity to not only witness world class EDM acts but also interact with the biggest DJs of the world.