China's prescription to its citizens: practise rational patriotism not jingoism

People Daily said that the jingoistic protests erputed after the South China Sea verdict is doing disservice to the country


China has been witnessing huge protest against across the country against the International Arbitrary Tribunal's ruling that the country does not have any rights in South China Sea.

People in various cities have been protesting against the verdict which has gone in favour of Philippines, an US ally.

The protests are also directed against the US in many cities. In some areas police was forced to intervene to avoid untoward incidents.

In recent days, the protesters have turned against KFC outlets creating problems for their smooth functioning.

Shouting slogans against the US, protesters carried banners with words get out of China KFC and McDonalds.

It is estimated that KFC runs more than 4000 outlets across China.

KFC and McDonalds started functioning in China after the country opened up its economy.

This has become an sentimental issue for some citizens. BBC reported that some people have demanded boycott of products from Philippines. The report said some people directed their anger against iPhones also.

The spiralling protests have forced state media to react.

'Peoples Daily', the  Chinese Communist Party's mouth piece said "Instead of being patriotic, it is their jingoism that does a disservice to the spirit of devotion to the nation. Those who organise such activities without going through the necessary procedures and unlawfully harass others in the name of patriotism should be held accountable according to the law".

"This is not the right way to express patriotism," said the government's Xinhua News Agency. The China Daily newspaper called the protests "jingoism that does a disservice to the spirit of devotion to the nation".

Beijing has accused Washington of pushing Manila to challenge them in the South China sea issue.

The tribunal, in the Hague, ruled there was no evidence for China's claim of historic rights to the resources in South China Sea and it said China was  violating Philippines' sovereign rights.

China has been engaged in various construction activities in South China islands.

Beijing has made it clear that it is not accepting the verdict of the International Tribunal.