US elections: Clinton, Kaine start 3-day battleground bus tour

The bus campaign will take them through economically struggling regions of Pennsylvania and Ohio

US elections: Clinton, Kaine start 3-day battleground bus tour

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine have started their bus tour of a pair of battleground states.

Clinton said the tour through critical Pennsylvania and Ohio would stop at "places that make things."

The campaign bus has the slogan "Stronger Together" written on it and it has been painted a bright, royal blue, CBS News reported.

"This is the part of the campaign I really like," Kaine said at a joint rally in Philadelphia, the unofficial starting point of the tour.

"I don't like wearing a tie that much. I'd rather just go out and pound the pavement," the Virginia Senator added.

Over the course of three days, Clinton and Kaine will cover over 600 miles across Republican-leaning Western Pennsylvania and Eastern and Central Ohio, tailed by a second bus carrying staffers, their Secret Service details and three busloads of reporters and television producers.

Their focus will be on their job plan and wooing middle class, white Americans in manufacturing communities, CBS News noted.

According to campaign officials, it is these voters that could help carry Republican nominee Donald Trump and his Vice President candidate Indiana Governor Mike Pence to victory in the November 8 elections.

"We're going to be visiting a few places where people are making things," Clinton said.

"I find it highly amusing that Donald Trump talks about 'Make America Great Again.' He doesn't make a thing in America -- except bankruptcies," CBS News quoted the former First Lady as saying.

On Saturday, Clinton and Kaine will visit Johnstown Wire Technologies in Cambria county, Pennsylvania, before holding public rallies in Pittsburgh and Youngstown, Ohio.

Clinton and Kaine will then have events in Cleveland and Columbus on Sunday, and continue to frame their vision in contrast with the one that Trump presented at the Republican National Convention last week, CBS News added.