Coup attempt fallout, Erdogan declares emergency, says foreign countries might have role in coup attempt

Erodagan said the declaration of Emergency is not against democracy and rule of law

Coup attempt fallout, Erdogan declares emergency, says foreign countries might have role in coup attempt

Declaring that all viruses in the army will be cleaned Turkey president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has declared Emergency for three months in the country.

This comes almost a week after the coup attempt by section of the army was foiled.

The government after the failed coup attempt  has arrested more than 10,000 people and purged army officers who have connived to over throw the government.

Thousands of judges were also dismissed as the investigators start legal process against the perpetrators.

The declaration of Emergency could be used to extend the detention of those who have been rounded up after the coup attempt.

Emergency was declared after the Erdogan convened a meeting of the National Security Council and cabinet. He said the declaration was not against democracy and freedom.

Erdogan praised those who were killed fighting against the coup as called them martyrs.

Just before the announcement of Emergency, president spoke to Al Jazeera, in which he said Turkey will remain  inside a democratic parliamentary system.

"We will never step back from it," he told Al Jazeera TV channel.

"However, whatever is necessary for the nation's peace and stability will be done.

He said foreign countries also might be involved in the coup attempt, but did not name them.

"There might be other countries involved as well; the Gulenist terror organisation also has another superior mind, if you will, and a time will come when those connections will be deciphered. We have to be patient ... But I don't think it will take long. The judiciary is acting and I think all of those connections will come to the light of day."  he said.

Turkey has blamed Fethullah Gulen for instigating a coup in the country.

Erdogan has asked the US to extradite Gulen.

Gulen had alleged the botched coup could have been done at the behest of Erdogan himself.

In the interview he defended the arrest of people, after the coup attempt, citing examples of other countries that faced security threats in recent past.

More than 50,000 government employees were sacked and detained. 99 top military officers were charged on Wednesday for acting against the government.

The government has so far revoked accreditation of 34 journalist accusing them of having links with Gulen.

Erdogan said if the parliament passes a Bill reinstating death penalty he will sign it. He said if capital punishment is re-introduced it won't affect the country's bid to join European Union.

Government had on Wednesday banned academicians from travelling abroad. It has advised all those who have been working in foreign universities to return to their home country in the shortest possible period of time.