Cristiano Ronaldo set to bag Ballon d'Or says, Antoine Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann says, Cristiano Ronaldo is now all set to bag this year�s Ballon d'Or, following France�s defeat in Euro Cup-2016.

Cristiano Ronaldo set to bag Ballon d

Antoine Griezmann thinks, France’s 1-0 defeat to Portugal in the Euro 2016 final, has dimmed his chances to clinch the prestigious Ballon d'Or award. He fears, Christiano Ronaldo now has an edge over him. Griezmann, who bagged the Golden Boot for being top scorer in the tournament, unfortunately failed to score in the extra-time, leading to his teams’ defeat in Euro Cup-2016.

Griezmann bagged the Player of the Tournament for scoring six goals. The match between France and Portugal has been billed as an open fight between Griezmann and Ronaldo by the experts, who had predicted that winner will clinch the Ballon d'Or for world's best player. Though Griezmann had targeted the Portugal goal post on two occasions, both were futile. The Portuguese goal keeper Rui Patricio saved his half-header and Griezmann wasted a golden opportunity, when his header went over the bar in his next attempt.

However, Christiano Ronaldo, Portuguese captain also had his share of bad luck, when he got injured on the 25th minute and was taken outside the ground on a stretcher.
Despite his knee injury Ronaldo cheered his teammates from the lines and was seen directing his mates to target the France goal post.
Later his mates complemented their captain and said, his support helped them to bag the coveted Euro cup. Griezmann complimented Ronaldo, saying Ronaldo has already won the greatest victory of his life. He added later that prior to Sunday’s match he did’t give much thoughts on the Ballon d'Or. Former France player, Christophe Dugarry said he thought the match is safe in France’s hands, after Ronaldo's exit from the field. Most of the French players thought the same, he added.
Today success was on their side, Dugarry told Le Parisien later. Ronaldo had bagged the prestigious Champions League, when he defeated Griezmann's team in a penalty shootout, for his team Real when he scored the winning goal last May.