Daimler plans to tap India’s IT, R&D potential

German automobile giant Daimler wants to provide a boost to India's IT industry in sectors such as production, development, marketing and sales

Eyeing India’s IT sector, German automobile giant Daimler AGA is planning to expand into various R&D domains and IT engineering in India, official Jan Brecht said on Wednesday.

Daimler wants to provide a boost to India’s IT industry in sectors such as production, development, marketing and sales, he said.

Brecht, who was on his first visit to the country, was speaking to media at the Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India centre in Bengaluru, which is Daimer’s biggest-ever facility outside Germany,

The IT sector has dominated all sectors like product development, infotainment and connectivity applications, and sans IT solutions, nothing can be done in any country’s development, he said.

“We have a lot to leverage to provide competitive edge to parent company (Mercedes- Benz) and expand the digital envelope of Diamler,” Centre’s officials said on the occasion.

“With IT permeating all fields, our new strategy is to get closer to customers and code while being more data/metric driven to be universally connected,” Brecht told reporters.

Brecht observed that IT can bring a huge transformation in the country by taking the customer’s faith with sophisticated software. He added it can lead to big changes in the industry, adding that data has emerged the new oil in economy.

The company is aiming to create a talent pool in its Indian centre, with special emphasis on R&D and IT areas. Bengaluru has emerged as the fifth in the category of cities having maximum innovation hubs and is a special for its start-up ecosystem, added Brecht.

Mercedes-Benz India Ltd in Pune is the leading facility of the automobile firm in the country and looks into all aspects like production, sales, of automobiles. Daimler India Commercial Vehicles also functions under Bharat Benz in Chennai. It takes care of commercial vehicles, while Daimler Financial Services looks into passenger cars sector.