Dallas shooting: Obama to abandon European trip over ‘Black Lives Matter’

In the wake of �Black Lives Matter� protests across US, Barak Obama will visit Dallas, cancelling his European tour. Five police officers were killed on Thursday, when Micah Xavier Johnson, a war veteran opened fire in Dallas, as revenge for killing of two blacks by police. Protests have rocked the US, where angry �Black Lives Matter� crowds are blocking roads and highways.

Dallas shooting: Obama to abandon European trip over ‘Black Lives Matter’

As “Black lives matter’ activists marched across United States on Friday, US President Barak Obama will travel to Dallas to ease the situation, said White House. President Obama will visit the Black Lives Matter protest site in Dallas, Texas. Micah Xavier Johnson, a war veteran, shot dead five white police officers at the site on Thursday, leading to racial tension across United States, reported Guardian.

Two civilians were also seriously injured, added the officials. Officials said, Johnson had earlier served in Afghanistan. CNN reported, crowds gathered in Dallas to honor the officers, but angry black mobs were protesting in major US cities, leading to some arrests in New York and minor tensions in other cities.

Black groups have condemned the killing of two black youth, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police on Thursday, which has led to ‘Black lives matter’ protests. 'Black lives matter’ termed the incident a tragedy not just for victims but for entire country.

“We are calling an end to violence, not to escalate it” said a statement from the Black group on its website. Police have deployed strong forces to defuse the situation, and used pepper balls to check marching crowds. Videos showed, protester's affected by pepper spray lying on the ground and writhing in pain.

Since 2014, Dallas has faced racial tensions and conservatives have blamed Obama for his statements hours before the Dallas incident. Experts termed the crisis, gravest ever faced by the US police since 9/11. “Obama urged whites community members to consider ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement seriously, and he is responsible for the incident,” said conservatives, who were against his way of handling the controversial racial issue. Black activists’ protests have now spread to cities like Baltimore, Atlanta and Philadelphia, and traffic is blocked on major highways and roads, said police sources monitoring the situation.

According to latest reports, fresh violence has broken out in many cities, leading to one of recent civil-rights problems in the US.