Dhaka hostage crisis: 10-hour seige, 20 hostages, 6 militants killed, 1 captured

Bangladesh security forces backed by armoured vehicles had moved to end the more than 10-hour hostage standoff

Dhaka hostage crisis: 10-hour seige, 20 hostages, 6 militants killed, 1 captured

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina lauds the security agencies after the end of hostage crisis that stretched over 10 hours.

She also said that she was determined to eradicate terrorism in Bangladesh after security forces stormed a cafe where Islamist extremists had taken dozens of diners hostage, reported AFP.

Islamic State militants slaughtered at least 20 civilians, most of them foreigners, with sharp weapons before security forces on Saturday morning rescued 13 hostages and gunned down six gunmen, officials said.

"Most of the victims were killed brutally with sharp weapons," Brigadier General Nayeem Ashfaq Chowdhury, director of military operations, told reporters in Dhaka.

Officials were still trying to ascertain the nationalities of those killed.

He said security forces after the "Operation Thunderbolt" recovered bodies of 20 victims lying on the blood splattered floor of the restaurant along with un-exploded IEDs, sharp weapons and a communication device.

According to a report in The Hindu, one of the persons killed is an Indian national, identified as Tarishi Jain. "She is an young Indian girl," an official told the newspaper. However, the police hasn't yet made any official announcement.

One terrorist has been captured, the Bangladesh Prime Minister had said, “13 people saved, security agencies did a great job.”

Bangladeshi troops rescued 14 hostages and shot dead six gunmen, ending an hours-long siege at a cafe in Dhaka, army Brig. Gen. Mujibur Rahman said.

Bangladesh security forces backed by armored vehicles had moved to end the more than 10-hour standoff with heavily armed militants holding dozens of people hostage, including foreigners, after storming an upscale restaurant at the heart of Bangladesh's diplomatic zone.

“The operation is over. The situation is completely under control,” army spokesman Colonel Rashidul Hasan told AFP.

In this attack claimed by the Islamic State militant group, the gunmen late on Friday took up to 40 hostages and killed several police officials in a cafe in Dhaka, Xinhua news agency reported.

Bangladeshi Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) had started the operation to free the hostages, the report said.

“Efforts to negotiate a peaceful end to the crisis are still ongoing though we’ve started a raid,” a police official said.

The official said naval commandos were also called in to join the special operation conducted by the Rapid Action Battalion and Borders Guard Bangladesh.