Dhaka's 26/11: All 20 hostages killed were foreigners

Bangladesh Brig-Gen said they were killed using locally made sharp weapons


All the 20 hostages killed in the Dhaka cafe attack that lasted for 10 hours are confirmed to be foreigners, majorly from Italy and Japan.

Brig-Gen Nayeen Ashtaq Chowdhury confirmed that 20 people were found killed using locally made sharp weapons,  after police and military broke the siege with Operation Thunderbolt.

Two Sri Lankans and one Japanese hostage have been rescued, along with around a dozen Bangladeshis, the official said, during a press conference held at a  Bangladesh army headquarters.

Gunmen, claimed to be IS militants, killed the 20 hostages and two officers in the siege. Chowdhury said the attackers  used guns, explosive devices and “a lost of sharp domestic weapons”.

Bangladeshi troops rescued 14 hostages, he told reporters.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina provided a different figure. We were able to save 13 people, we weren't able to save a few, Hasina said. “Six terrorists were killed and one was captured alive.”