Donald Trump is a 'faker': US Justice Ruth Bader

Senior US Justice Ruth Bader, said she can�t imagine how, a dumb person like Trump could ever become the US President. Trump has responded saying that the Justice should resign for maligning him.

Donald Trump is a

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has courted a fresh controversy, when senior US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg called him a faker.

Justice Ruth Bader, in a TV interview on Monday said, she cannot even imagine how US, would be with Trump leading the country as its President. Ruth Bader, mocked Trump saying that, he has no consistency and never filed tax returns. She wondered how he managed to escape media criticisms.

Ruth Bader revealed, initially she was shocked how someone like Trump could enter the election fray without facing any criticism by media. Drawing parallels between Trump and his major rival Hillary, the justice said, compared to the hostile reception Democrat Party’s nominee  Hillary Clinton has received during her campaigns, the press has been very liberal to Trump from the initial days of his campaign itself, observed Ruth Bader.

Trump has benefited from “free publicity,’’ noted Ruth Bader. Justice Ruth Bader is known for her outspoken comments, earlier also said experts.

Former President Bill Clinton had appointed her as a high court judge in 1993. She is now a vocal voice for the US’s liberals. She has a good following among the youth and liberals said observers. Ruth Bader has been nicknamed ‘The Notorious R.B.G’ by youth, inspired from the popular play on American rapper ‘The Notorious B.I.G.’

However, her comments did not go too well with her critics including many in the judiciary, who observed that Ruth Bader has crossed all her limits.

On Tuesday, House Speaker Paul Ryan said, her comments were "out of place." Ruth Bader’s opinion on Trump was highly biased, added Paul Ryan. Responding to Ruth Bader, Trump has said, she should resign for making such outraging statements against him. Trump has termed her comments, dumb, illogical and politically motivated.

"Ruth Bader has embarrassed all,'' tweeted the Presidential candidate, who is likely to announce the name of Republican's vice-president nominee on Friday.