Donald trump to announce Republican Party’s VP candidate on Friday

US Presidential hopeful Republican Party�s Donald trump may announce Vice President nominee on Friday. Newt Gingrich, Mike Pence and Chris Christie are strong contenders, said AP.

Donald trump to announce Republican Party’s VP candidate on Friday

Republican Party candidate Donald trump is likely to announce his party's Vice President nominee on Friday, says AP, as the race for US presidential elections are due on November. There are three strong contenders for the coveted VP position, added AP, quoting Republican Party sources.

The Republican Party nominees who have made into Trump's final list are veteran leader and former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, who is known for his strong conservative stands in party circles and the New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, who is Trump's loyal associate and adviser.

Trump has given great importance on selecting his running mate, say sources close to him, adding that he has spent many weeks with his family members and advisers to consider the pros and cons about each candidate. Trump has taken the potential candidates along with him on many of his election campaigns to know their popularity, said sources.Christie and Pence have already presented their views in front of crowds this week, added sources.

On Tuesday, Pence received an enthusiastic response from the crowds, when he compared Trump with the former president and Republican icon Ronald Reagan in an election rally held in Westfield, Indiana. He also criticised the potential Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton in his speech. Trump reacted to the crowd, saying ''You don't know, if Pence is going to become the VP or your governor."

Reportedly, he is also considering a fourth candidate as well, said some unconfirmed sources. However, Trump's long time confidante and adviser Michael Caputo said Pence has all chances to become the VP.

"He is perfect for the position. Pence is a good communicator, who can reach out to the people easily and he has demonstrated his qualities already as the governor of Indiana," added Michael. Trump told Fox News channels on Tuesday that he has narrowed down his choices and now he has a good idea about his pick.