Easiest and simplest way to set up high security VPN on iPhone and the best free VPN app

We all love free stuff. But when it comes to services, such as hosting, IT support, or VPN services � we can most likely agree that you get what you pay for. Hence VPN accounts are no exception.

Easiest and simplest way to set up high security VPN on iPhone and the best free VPN app

VPN helps you to avoid this problems

  1. Viruses, Malware, Ransomware Etc.

  2. Threat Of Mass Surveillance

  3. -Risks Of Cyber Threats

The addition of VPN in iPhone is the best safety option one can have. VPN helps to avoid cyber threats and keeps you safe side.

This safe guard easily helps you protect the data and make your digital space more comfortable.

Selecting good VPN service and installing that sometimes become a major task and sometimes that end up as another fault.

So the selection of the VPN app is an important one.

Here we go with Opera VPN and they have the easiest way to install the material and make more action to your iPhone


Steps to follow Installing the VPN thing are

1- The name is Opera VPN

2- Run the initial set up

There is a handy set up guide to make it all easy.  Once you go through the pages , make sure to tap "Continue," then press "OK" on the popup to allow Opera VPN to send notifications.

Next,  "Continue" again when prompted, then press "Allow" on the coming popup so that App can add its VPN configuration to your iPhone.. After this, you'll be asked to scan your Touch ID or enter your passcode/password to activate the VPN system-wide.

So after the activation of VPN, you can open the Opera VPN app at any time to configure certain aspects of your newly-protected internet connection.

With all of Opera VPN's settings enabled, you should no longer see any ads on your iPhone, even in apps.

The other VPN app you should check

Express VPN best iPhone app

and the features of Express VPN app are

  • 100+ server locations in 78 countries.

  • Offers faster speed than any other VPN service provider.

  • Strong no-log policy.

  • Unlimited bandwidth.

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

  • High security with OpenVPN 256-bits.

  • Provides 24/7 Live Chat support.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

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