Emirates flight escapes tragedy, pilot made emergency landing in Mumbai

An Emirates Boeing flight from Dubai landed safely in Mumbai Airport, following technical snags leading to emergency landing.

Emirates flight escapes tragedy, pilot made emergency landing in Mumbai

An Emirates flight with 309 passengers and crew made an emergency landing today after noon at Mumbai International Airport Limited) MIAL, after the crew detected smoke on-board.

The ANI reported that the Emirates flight EK 652 coming from Dubai to Male had to land in Mumbai today 1458 hrs.
“The ATC declared full emergency at the MIAL at 1359 hrs after a Boeing 777 flight of Emirates (EK 652) from Dubai to Male had to make an emergency landing following detection of smoke in the aircraft,” an airport official told media.

The passengers were escorted out of the flight, after fulfilling all the security norms, added the ATC. The flight landed safely on Runway 9 of the Mumbai airport and all passengers are safe, officials added.

There are reports saying that the passengers had a close shave as there was chances of soft landing the flight in the sea. Both the Indian Navy and Coast Guard were put on alert to meet any emergency situation revealed sources. The situation in the flight and cockpit were really grim, as they were expecting a tragedy anytime, added sources. But, the pilot managed to land the flight safely in Mumbai, bringing cheers to all.

However, it is not sure if all the passengers in the flight were allotted fresh flights or if the flight would resume journey after fulfilling formalities. The Emirates flight was scheduled to leave Dubai at 9.50 am and it was supposed to reach Male airport at 3.05 pm. The flight currently remains stationed at the Mumbai International Airport, added officials.

Emirates said in a statement that, the flight from Dubai to Male has to land in Mumbai as the crew detected a technical issue with the plane during the journey. All the passengers have been safely reached Mumbai airport, added the officials.

However, they didn't comment on when all the passengers will return to Male.

The flight would again depart Male at 4:30 pm and would arrive at Colombo at 6.30 pm. However, now the on-going flight stands to be delayed, said officials.