Emirates ID Holders can now Use E-Gates at Dubai Airport Terminal 3

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) department in Dubai has implemented and activated the service of Electronic Gate using valid Emirates ID cards.

Emirates ID Holders can now Use E-Gates at Dubai Airport Terminal 3

GDRFA has announced the completion and activation of E-gates at the Dubai Airport Terminal 3 on 24 July. All valid Emirates ID card holders are now eligible to avail the electronic passport clearance service, without having to stand in long queues while exiting and entering Dubai.

In an interview with a Dubai-based newspaper agency, Gulf News, the deputy director-general of the GDRFA, Major General Obaid Muhair Bin Surour said, “The new project has been implemented in cooperation with the Emirates Identity Authority to further improve our services and ensure a pleasant and smooth experience for all passengers.” He further added,“The service will soon be activated in all other terminals as well. As part of the first phase, we have implemented it at the arrival wing of Terminal three, but in the following phases of the project, the service will be activated in Terminals one, two, and three at both the arrivals and departures wings.”

Apart from the news that the E-gate services will soon be installed in other Dubai Airport terminals, the fact that these services are free of cost and passengers only need an Emirates ID to use the service, makes travelling all the more convenient and pleasurable. Needless to say this makes the process of immigration check more efficient and reduces the workload of the airport staff. It is heartening to know that the process takes a maximum of 12-14 seconds to identify the passport, conduct facial recognition and collect other biometric data to ensure safety, security and accuracy.

Dubai Airport is the first Emirate and the third in the world to have introduced the e-gate service way back in 2002.  Those days, passengers required passport registration to generate card to get trough the e-gates. The system has now been upgraded and the only document required for checking in or checking out is the Emirates ID.

Dubai has been recognised as a smart city over the past years and has adapted to new technology at a rather fast pace. The lifestyle in Dubai has been made easy, yet, safe for locals and immigrants alike. There are more technological upgradations expected before Expo 2020.