Facebook to start "App Event Optimization'' across social media to woo advertisers

Information giant Facebook today launched an "App Event Optimization" across social media to help ad makers put advertisements of their apps inside Facebook's properties to optimize their revenue.

Facebook to start "App Event Optimization

Technology giant Facebook said, it has decided to launch a unique "App Event Optimization" across various social media netw0rks from Tuesday onwards. It would help in giving users more avenues to install popular apps and actions within the app, added Facebook.

Mobile app install advertisements will allow developers to put their advertisements of their apps inside Facebook's properties. Facebook has introduced the new innovation to help users and advertisers, added Facebook.

After its introduction, a number of updates have been added to this advertising tool, such as customized calls to action such as “Open Link,” “Use App,” “Play Game,” video support as well as launching of a cost-per-action (CPA) bidding model, science and technology website Venturebeat.com said on Tuesday.

According to Facebook product manager Jehan Damji, retention within the app ecosystem is “a difficult problem” - after 30 days, only about six per cent of users will come back to the app.

"App Event Optimization" can play vital roles in advertising as it can guide advertisers to find out further advertising targets. It helps in optimizing your revenue by identifying those who are most likely to add something to their shopping cart, make a purchase or complete a level.The upgrade would provide app events to Facebook and specify where developers want their ads to be displayed.

According to Damji, Facebook's algorithm will look at the historical data of that app, along with consumer statistics and then locate people who fit the demographic before showing the mobile app install ad.Mobile gaming and commerce apps like Poshmark and Smule are already using this offering, added Damji.

With this new capability, advertisers can bid for ads in a different manner, which will help them a variety of choices from now on, added Facebook.

“We are now aligning a lot closer with what developers have been asking for. It is about really delivering the right customers to the right apps so developers can continue to grow their business,” Damji was quoted as saying.