Facebook, Twitter, YouTube reportedly blocked in Turkey amid military coup

Research agency Dyn Research said the access was restored after about an hour-and-a-half
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Turkey military coup

Reacting to the attempted military coup, the Turkish government apparently block social media sites Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for a short period of time , a media report said.

According to Turkey Blocks, a Twitter account that regularly checks if sites were being blocked in the country, reported at 11.04 p.m., that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were all unresponsive.

Research agency Dyn Research said the access was restored after about an hour-and-a-half.

A chaotic night began late Friday with reports of soldiers trying to take control of bridges and key areas in major cities. Later, army helicopters began airstrikes and shelled key locations in the capital, Ankara. So far, 754 have been detained in the coup attempt

Twitter’s policy team, however, said it did not think the site was fully blocked in Turkey.

“We suspect there is an intentional slowing of our traffic in country,” Twitter said in a statement.

Twitter’s livestreaming app Periscope and Facebook Live appeared unaffected, broadcasting several livestreams from Istanbul.

Social networking giant Facebook has also not provide an official statement on the reported blocks.

“We are aware of reports that YouTube is down in Turkey, however, our systems seem to be functioning normally,” a YouTube spokesperson told TechCrunch.

At least 60 people were killed during overnight clashes.