Fellow Americans, I accept the Republican nomination: Donald Trump

Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka said that her father is the "People's nominee"
Donald Trump at the GOP nomination venue.

Accepting the GOP nomination in Cleveland , Donald Trump pledged to be a “voice” for working Americans, restore law and order and to confound elites and doubters by winning the White House in November.

The billionaire has accepted the Republican  nomination at the Day 4 of the Republican National Convention (RNC).

“Friends, delegates and fellow Americans, I accept the Republican nomination,” he was quoted as saying on Friday.

Trump was introduced on the stage by his daughter Ivanka Trump who said that her father is the “People’s nominee”.

Ivanka said her father has always fought for country and recognises talent.

“My father is colour blind and gender neutral. One of the reasons why he is a successful entrepreneur is because he listens to everyone. My father turns vision into reality,” she added.

Ivanka said Donald Trump would improve labour laws and childcare. “He would fight for equal pay and I would fight with him,” she said.

Amid “Trump Trump” chants, the Republican nominee said that “On January 20, 2017 safety will be restored. We will honour the American people with truth.”