Ferrari to launch drop-top LaFerrari Spider, its fastest sports car ever

Ferrari is working on a drop-top version of its famed sportscar LaFerrari Spider which is the fastest and the most powerful car till date in the history of the exotic car manufacturer.

Ferrari to launch drop-top LaFerrari Spider, its fastest sports car ever

Turns out the rumors are right after all. Ferrari has been developing a drop-top version of the LaFerrari Spider - the most powerful and fastest production Ferrari in history.

After taking over from Amedeo Felisa as Ferrari's CEO, Sergio Marchionne told the press that Ferrari was in fact working on a drop-top version of Spider sportscar. He told media that recent rumours about a new hypercar to replace the completely sold-out multi-million-dollar LaFerrari are true.

Reportedly, the new car expected to come out next year has been dubbed the LaFerrari Spider. Final details, including photos of the LaFerrari Spider or its specs, have yet not been revealed. Ferrari has also not disclosed how many of these supercars will be build. However, it is expected to feature the same V12 hybrid engine as the standard version but is expected to cost significantly more than $1.7 million price.

Rumours of a convertible version of the LaFerrari first surfaced in March earlier this year when reports revealed the sportscar manufacturer was approaching potential customers. Ferrari refused to comment at the time, but its latest announcement will come as a pleasant surprise to collectors who may have missed out purchasing the hard-top LaFerrari because of its limited numbers that were manufactured.

On Wednesday Ferrari also revealed that it has had its most successful quarter in history with 1882 cars being delivered to clients around the world since the beginning of the year - a 15 per cent increase on Q1 2015.