Fight stress with food: These Food items relieve Stress

Eat these foods to get relief from stress. Now you will know the remedy if you see someone stressed out.

Fight stress with food: These Food items relieve Stress


Start fighting your stress with these foods.



Strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are rich in vitamin C which helps fight stress. Blueberries boost nutrition and can be eaten in many ways such as adding them to your bowl of cereals or having them with yogurt.



Just the thought of chocolates makes many of us happy, so why not have it.  It contains anandamide, a neurotransmitter produced in the brain that diminishes the feelings of pain and depression.



Many of us avoid garlic because of the bad breath it leaves after eating. But this food has advantages as well. Garlic, has powerful antioxidant properties that eliminates stress. It helps to ease tension, stress and has numerous benefits.



The next time you think of ice creams you might want to replace it with yogurt. Easy on the stomachs and perfect for summers, Yogurt is definitely our friend in stressful times. You can add strawberry, blackcurrant, litchi and mango if you don't want to eat them plain.

Green Tea


It's goodness is known for weight loss but green tea has many health benefits too. It helps the brain in performing mental activities and research says that it reduces performance stress.



They have Vitamin C and natural sugar which de-stresses the mind. It lowers the blood pressure and the stress hormones.



A small handful of almonds can really burst your stress bubble. They are rich in vitamins B2, manages mood changes and relieves stress. Zinc controls the negative effects of stress, while vitamin E diminishes stress related to heart diseases.



This super fruit regulates blood sugar levels. The combination of satiety and blood-sugar regulation can help keep your mood stable even during the times of stress.



Research shows people with high CRP (c-reactive protein) levels are more stressed and are usually depressed. Just one cup of spinach can have a significant impact on magnesium levels which helps in the maintenance of heart and nervous systems functions.



A glass of warm milk is a remedy for shrinking moods and sleeplessness. It soothes your body by calming you internally and giving you a good night's sleep.