Five Foods that cause bad breath

Lick the inside of your wrist. Wait a few seconds for the saliva to dry. Then smell the licked part of the wrist. If you can detect an unpleasant smell, then you should read the below.

Five Foods that cause bad breath

It is natural to feel repulsive while communicating to a person with bad breath. Breaths define our personality and we would never want to have a smelly appeal. It would be awkward to experience such situations during social interactions.

1. Garlic:


The sulfuric acid compounds create odours in our mouth. It not only creates odours but promotes the growth of some of the microbes in your mouth that already causes bad breath, which further worsens the problem. Garlic is found to be allyl methyl sulfide, which is passed into the blood during the digestive process. Once it’s in your blood, it finally passes out of your body through various bodily excretions, which includes being excluded through your pores and also through the air that fills your lungs. So as you breathe, the air goes into your lungs which is contaminated by the allyl methyl sulfide; this in turn causes your breath to continue to smell even if you’ve cleaned your mouth.

2. Onion:


It includes the culprit Sulfur. Cooked onions do not give odour but eating raw onions will certainly invite the odour. Like onions, they contain allyl methyl sulfide which is especially a "sticky" molecule - that is, it adheres very easily to the tissues in your mouth. That's why eating onions or even a few bites of it can leave your mouth with a bad stench.

3. Coffee and Alcohol:

cup of hot coffee and brandy in small glass

Sadly, coffee comes under this stinky category. How we wish this was untrue. Too much of coffee consumption leads to bad breath and if you are looking for a strong cup of coffee for your mornings, do follow it up with a glass or a bottle of water. Through metabolism, 90% of the alcohol will be converted into acetic acid but some of it is released via the respiratory system and through sweat. This is why alcohol consumption creates bad odour.

4. Dairy Products:


Drinking milk is good for bone and skin health, but it rarely does breath any good. A glass of milk can cause a 'Milk breath'.  Of all the dairy products, cheese is the worst offender followed closely by milk. It releases naturally occurring bacteria from your tongue and feeds on the amino acids in milk and cheeses, resulting in an odor that is foul and unattractive.

5. Sugar and sweet: 


Sugars produce glycan strands, which cause thick layers of plaque on your enamel and around your gums. These glycan strands lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. Make sure to brush your teeth after eating sugary food or at least give your mouth a good rinsing.