Food items that must always be kept in the fridge

Which foods need to be kept in the fridge? Here's a list you might want to follow.

Food items that must always be kept in the fridge

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Food and celebrations go hand in hand. But once the party is over, what do you do with the leftovers? Here are few food items have to kept refrigerated.


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As we all know, both fish and meat have to be refrigerated whether they are processed or not. While refrigerating them, make sure that they are kept separate from other foods to prevent cross contamination. Raw steaks and chops can be stored for three to five days. Cooked meat, sea food and poultry can be stored for three to four days.


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Find space in the fridge for once-used frost cans.  Open cans are prone to contamination. Unopened ones can be kept in the pantry.



Some types of cheese have to be refrigerated while others need not. Soft cheese like brie or ricotta has to be kept refrigerated always, while pasteurized or aged cheese such as Parmesan or Romano need not be kept refrigerated.


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Packed salamis can be stored in room temperature, but once when you have opened them, they have to be kept refrigerated as bacteria can develop even if most of it has been kept wrapped.


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Apples when wrapped individually and stored in a fridge, can be used for several months. When it comes to bananas, they have longer life if stored in fridge, though the skin might turn brown.


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As butter belongs to the family of dairy products, it has to be kept refrigerated as to prevent spoilage.



As a rule, we all know that milk, butter and egg have to kept refrigerated. The crust and filling of a pie mostly has a combination of egg, butter and milk, hence it better kept in a fridge.


Mixed Nuts

Put your left over nuts in a bag/bottle and keep them airtight.  Store them in the refrigerator as the oils in them can become rancid in room temperature.