Foods good for muscles

Are you feeding the right food for your muscles?

Foods good for muscles


What you eat can either benefit your muscle or ruin it. Building strong muscles not only need hard work outs but also the right food.  Here are some pro-muscles essentials that you must know and take.

Whole eggs


Better known as artery-clogging foods, whole eggs are really health. They are rich in proteins which help that help building and repairing muscle and other tissues. The egg whites are the purest form of proteins.



They contain Vitamin C that helps not only in tones the muscles but also strengthens them. Oranges are effective in fighting diseases and has magnesium that helps to lower the blood pressure. Drinking processed orange juice doen't help since it often contains added sugars. Instead, we advise you to eat oranges or make your own orange juice. Oranges can be eaten before workouts as well.



They are low in fat and rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Eating fish helps in proper functioning of muscles. Trout, salmon, tuna and sardines have excellent source of proteins and healthy fats. Omega-3 helps in the muscle building process.



They help to increase muscle strength and prevent muscle fatigue by letting you to train for a longer time. Research shows that polyphenols -- compounds found in apples --can increase fat-burning. Apples are a good pre-workout snack. It's a good idea to not peel of its skin!



White meat of the turkey is considered to be the leanest meat. Eating turkey with spinach & quinoa is highly recommended. It is a fantastic protein source and contains 11 vitamins and minerals.

Red Meat


Red meat plays a crucial role in building lean muscle since it contains creatine, proteins, vitamin B12, zinc, iron, carnosine and omega-3. It removes the body fat during the process of strengthening muscles .


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Drink plenty of water for more strengthening, training and repairing your muscles. Proper hydration is important during work outs as water plays a major role in cell volumization --a process involving muscle growth.