German train attacker shot dead, ISIS claims responsibility

The Afghan refugee had travelled unaccompanied to Germany and was staying with a foster family. A hand painted ISIS flag was recovered from the room used by the teenager

German train attacker shot dead, ISIS claims responsibility

German police shot dead a 17 year old, who is suspected to have attacked several passengers with an axe and a knife on a train late on Monday.

The teenager, reported to be an Afghan refugee went on a rampage near the south German city of Wurzburg, some 387 kms from capital Berlin.

The assailant was shot dead by the police after he reportedly tried to flee at the Wurzburg-Heiingsfeld station. There are reports that he was killed while he tried to charge at the officers of the special police unit.

At least 18 persons have been injured in the attack which happened around 9:15 pm local time.

Four of the injured are said to be critical.

Three of the injured are members of a family from Hong Kong.

The coach where the attack happened resembled a “slaughter house”, a witness was quoted as saying by DPA news agency.

The train was running between Treuclingen and Wurzburg.

Investigators were trying to ascertain if he had made any “exclamation” before the attack. Some German news outlets have quoted witnesses who claimed that they heard him shout “Allah Akbar” before he went on a hacking spree.

There were similar claims when four people were injured in a knife attack in Grafing station some 25 kms from Munich in May.

However police are yet to establish any links to radical Islam to that assailant who is now admitted to a psychiatric facility.

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Hermann said the 17 year old Afghan refugee had travelled to Germany, unaccompanied looking for asylum. He was living with a foster family in Ochsenfurt.

A hand painted ISIS flag was also recovered from his room, Hermann said.

The ISIS claimed has responsibility for the attack in the train.

"The perpetrator of the stabbing attack in Germany was one of the fighters of the Islamic State and carried out the operation in answer to the calls to target the countries of the coalition fighting the Islamic State," Amaq, the online news agency which supports the terror group said on Tuesday afternoon.