Google's Android beats iPhone maker Apple in this race; find out more

iPhone manufacturer Apple and Google's Android are fighting it out over this and it seems Google is winning as of now.....


Some estimates state that India is set to soon become home to about 4 million developers by 2018, making it the world’s largest developer base. Two companies are set to capitalize on this fact and tap the manpower resulting in India becoming a global leader in mobile app development.

In May, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that it will open a new facility in the city of Bangalore sometime in 2017 to enhance iOS designers and developers’ understanding and capabilities. Apple also plans to unveil a development center for digital maps in the Indian city of Hyderabad. However, Google is set to beat Apple in this race as it has already started its initiative called "Android Skilling", which it announced today, and hopes to train at least 2 million of these developers in the next three years.

Google is aiming to integrate training within university curricula in partnership with the National Skill Development Corporation of India. The Android Skilling program will be introduced for free across hundreds of public and private universities and training schools. With Google and Apple entering the fray to be the first to train Indian developers for their apps, more are expected to follow suit. Both the technology giants are looking to harness India's talent pool for its ecosystem by developing quality mobile apps.

"This course is designed for computer science students and guides students through building apps as they develop the skills needed to get an entry-level job as an Android developer," a statement by Google explained, adding: "After completing the course and building the apps in the course, students should be ready to take the exam for the Associate Android Developer Certification."

Google has partnered with Udacity to offer 'nanodegrees' for Android development. Google has already launched a full course in 2015 launched one for beginners last month. The Android Developer Fundamentals courseware available later this year will be free of charge.

Following the news, stock prices of both the companies went up.