Hair Care Tips for Summer

Now you can step out and enjoy the sun with these hair care tips for the summer.

Hair Care Tips for Summer

We generally focus on our skin and leave out the fact that our hair needs equal love. Summers are great when our hair is all in place. As we are aware that UV rays of the sun damage not only our skin but also hair. So put on your glasses and wear your hats because here are the tips to give your hair a break.

Take a hot oil massage


Who doesn't love massages? Your hair loves them too. Massaging your hair with some essential oils will soothen the texture of your hair and help to remove the dust and dirt particles from your hair.  Start applying from the roots till the tips. It helps in blood circulation of the scalp and strengthen the roots leaving your hair soft and healthy.

Shampooing your hair


You may shampoo depending on your activities or the environment you're in.  People with oily scalp will need to wash their hair on a daily basis. Dry scalp doesn't require regular shampooing but for treatment of dandruff frequent washing is suggested.

Tip: Do not shampoo before you jump into the pool.

Diving deep in conditioner


Conditioning your hair will keep it soft and frizz-free, leaving your hair nourished and healthy looking. Deep conditioning once in a month is a must. The overall use of conditioner adds shine and makes your hair look elegant.

Tip: Have you tried using Mayonnaise as a conditioner?

Avoid hair dryer and styling products


Blow drying damages your hair and the use of styling products will certainly not help during summers. This may add more frizz. In order to avoid dryness, use natural products that will help keep your hair moisturized.

Shield your hair


Get your scarves or hats out and protect your hair from the harmful UV rays. Run your hands lightly through your hair with the residue of sunscreen, that remains after applying it to your body.

Style them


Tame your hair with a messy braid or a bun. This will prevent your hair from tangles. We ask you not to tie it tightly since the hair can tear off and cause damage. Loose tie would let air pass through and help the scalp breathe.

Trim it, Shape it


Split ends, dry ends, weak tips etc. Summers are the best tome to trim them. A good trim will make your hair look healthy and boosts hair growth.

Hydrate yourself


Keep yourself hydrated and have lots of water. It has many benefits. Water will destroy the dullness and fight body odour. Sweating is an unavoidable dilemma but the odour can certainly be avoided. Have foods that contain a high water level like cucumbers, watermelons etc.