Health benefits of Coriander leaves

Benefits of coriander leaves will make you use it in many ways other than just as a good garnish

Health benefits of Coriander leaves

You must have thought of coriander leaves as good garnish to be added to curries and salads, but do you know of its numerous health benefits? In some parts of Europe, coriander is considered to have anti-diabetes properties, since the seeds have hypoglycemic effects. In India, it is highly in demand for its anti-inflammatory properties. These leaves have many benefits that most of us are not aware.

Skin irritations

Coriander helps in soothing allergies, skin troubles, inflammations and fungal infections. It contains disinfectant antiseptic properties that can clear skin problems.


It is a very effective food for digestive system. Coriander promotes functions of the liver and bowel movements. It is also helpful in treating eating disorders like anorexia.

Low Cholesterol Levels

It increases good cholesterol HDL and lowers bad cholesterol LDL. It removes harmful bad cholesterol from where it should not belong. High HDL
levels reduce
the risk for heart disease. Therefore, coriander helps to reduce the risk of heart problems.

Vitamin K

This vitamin is highly present in coriander. Vitamin K is used in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. This vitamin helps to increase the time it takes for blood clot to form.


You many naturally stop diarrhoea without any medication just by adding coriander in your diet. The stomach is strengthened and it relieves flatulence, increases secretion and discharges urine. Coriander also helps in reducing fever.


It has high iron content. It directly cures and prevents anemia.

Summer coolant

It is very useful during the summers. It helps in reducing eye burns and irritations. Conjunctivitis is also healed through coriander. It's a very good herb having healing powers.

Bone health

Calcium and many other essential minerals are found in coriander. It not only promotes calcium contribution in bones, but also in teeth.