How does drinking water help with weight loss?

"Water does not cause you to lose weight, but it does keep you hydrated, and might help you snack less. Water is essential for good health and wellbeing. Sometimes thirst can be mistaken for hunger; if you're thirsty you may snack more. Drink around two litres of fluid a day."

How does drinking water help with weight loss?

It makes sense that elevated water consumption correlates with weight loss.

Drinking water makes you feel full, and will make you eat less if you drink it right before a meal.

  • Drinking plain water will make you less likely to drink carbohydrates, in sodas, juice, etc.

  • Breaking down fat and (especially) protein produces tons of waste products  that the liver and kidneys need water to flush out.

  • Many that are on weight loss programs exercise, and exercising makes use of a lot of water for cooling, and needs to be replaced.

There is actually also some evidence that suggests that cold water burns calories "on it's own". There was a study[1] done on metabolism and water consumption, that found that metabolism temporarily increased measurably when drinking 500ml of waters. It's not a lot though - in the time it was increased (about half an hour) the participants burned an extra 25 calories (that's 5 M&Ms, plain, not peanut). In the male participants the calories came mostly from stored fat, in the women it came from stored carbohydrates. The researchers theorized that most of the effect comes from the body using energy to war the water in the stomach. If that is the case, cold water would be more efficient for burning calories.

In layman's terms: hydration simply makes every part of your body work better. Also, it helps curb appetite to keep your stomach full of water and it's a zero calorie drink as well. Also studies show drinking two glasses of water before meals helps people eat less and thereby be more effective at weight loss.

First water will work as a substitute to food. You general intake of food will be less than normal when you have a good water intake in a day. So the amount of fats(food that is not used in the body is converted to fats), will reduce in the body.

Secondly during oxidation of food water is need to help carry some compounds to help the whole process of energy production. Meaning more water will help the whole process of burning down the fats/energy sources in the body.

Also water helps flushing away salts in the body mostly sodium chloride that we normally consume on daily basis. Flushing of the salts help the body not to retain large amounts of water in the body..

Apart from this, a lot of water has helped people with the skin health and general healthy largely. So I guess plenty of water will help the body in one way or another

Whether water helps you lose weight or not, drinking a lot of water is highly correlated with weight-loss maintenance -- that is, keeping weight off after you've lost it. A study out of Penn State published a few months ago in Qualitative Health Research found that 97% of those who'd successfully maintained weight loss listed "drink plenty of water" as one of their strategies.

Metabolically, drinking water beyond hydration needs probably burns a few extra calories. Going back a decade or so, I think there was one small study that suggested drinking cold water throughout the day would increase metabolic rate by a small but statistically significant amount. (I have no idea if those results were ever replicated.)

If nothing else, drinking lots of water forces you to get up and walk to the bathroom more often, which burns more calories than not getting up. There's probably a psychological benefit as well: The habit reminds you that you're actively working to control your weight.


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