Most of atheists reside in rural India: Census

Maharastra is home to the largest number of atheists in India with 9,652 people saying that they are not believers

Do you believe in God? And do you think that atheism has something to do with the modern life?

In India’s population of 1.2 billion, only 33,000 people have declared themselves as atheists. This was disclosed in the 2011 census.

This means atheists account for barely 0.0027% of the total population.

But interestingly, a majority of people who do not believe in the existence of God live in rural India, not in urban areas.

Atheism and belief in communism is considered as synonymous by many. But the states where communist ideology has influence is behind Maharashtra and Meghalaya, when it comes to the number of people who do not believe in God.

With  9,652, Maharashtra is home to the largest number of atheists and a majority of them-  71 per cent – live in rural areas.

The North-Eastern state of Meghalaya has 9,089 declared atheists. Kerala, a communist stronghold if electoral performance of Left parties is taken as an indicator, has only 4,896 declared atheists, whereas in West Bengal, just 784 persons are declared atheists.

Atheism and cosmopolitanism also seems to have no relation. In Delhi, only 541 people believe in the non-existence of God. In Gujarat, their number is 405. Tamil Nadu, where Dravidian politics in its earlier days was in a sense an anti-God movement, has only 1,297 people who admit that they are not believers. In Jammu and Kashmir, the number is 30. In Lakshadweep, only one person admitted that he is an atheist.