ISIS auctions sex slaves on smart apps

ISIS militants are selling captured women using mobile phone applications like Telegram and WhatsApp, says a recent media report. More than 3000 Yazidi women are held as sex-slaves by ISIS, say activists.
ISIS resorts to selling captured women, as air strikes hit their bases.

The dreaded ISIS militants have resorted to selling captured women on smart phone apps like Telegram and WhatsApp, said a recent report by the Associated Press. The militants have posted online advertisements promoting the sale of sex slaves, majority of them belonging to the minority Yesidi women, added the report.

ISIS had captured over 3,000 Yazidi women, since they took over Mount Sinjar in Iraq after massacring all the men. Activists said, advertisements are available on the internet, with price tags attached to each woman.

Lamiya Aji Bashar, a Yazidi woman, who escaped from the militia last March, said she was kept as sex slave by ISIS and all her attempts to escape from captivity were futile, until she finally managed to flee. However, two of her companions died in a landmine explosion, when they tried to escape. She also lost one eye in the blast, but was glad about escaping from her captors. Four of Lamiya’s sisters have escaped, however, one sister is still held as captive by ISIS.