Justice League Trailer Launched: Comic Con fans get a glimpse of what's in store

One amongst many trailer launches at Comic Con was Justice League. Guess who landed the role of Aquaman?

Justice League Trailer Launched: Comic Con fans get a glimpse of what

The trailer of Justice League has been launched during Comic Con 2016 and the fans of DC comics are losing their minds. However, they are not the only ones who went gaga over it.

Aquaman is going to have a strong personality in the movie, for a change. Furthermore, fans of the television series, Game of Thrones, are going to be thrilled to know that Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) is donning the role of Aquaman and he even communicates with fish! Just when we thought we wouldn’t get to see any more of his bad-boy action, he appears in the trailer as Aquaman. Now, that's a surprise!

Other actors and actresses who have been featured in the trailer are:

  1. Ben Affleck (Batman)

  2. Ezra Miller (lash)

  3. Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman)

  4. Henry Cavill (Superman

  5. Ray Fisher (Cyborg)

  6. Amber Heard (Mera)

There are other renowned artists who will be on the screen with the aforementioned names.

In the trailer, Bruce Wayne (Batman) is trying to get a team of superheroes together to deal with the predicted troubles in the future. There is not much mention of what the trouble really is.

The only negative role revealed in the trailer is Jason Momoa’s, only to find out, that he is also a super hero. Wonder Woman is shown assisting Bruce Wayne in getting the team of heroes together. Some skills and humorous scenes involving Flash are also a part of the trailer. Surprisingly enough, Grant Gustin, who plays Flash in the television series, wasn't picked for the role in the upcoming movie.

Although bringing together a team of super heroes to save the planet is not a unique storyline anymore, the trailer promises humour, surprises and loads of action.  There have been a handful of movies, that have released in the recent past with the same basic story, Avengers and X-Men are two such movies.