Kabali fans dismayed as AirAsia officials changed the venue

Rajinikanth's fans who booked an AirAsia special flight to watch Kabali had a heartbreak on Friday morning due to change in venue.

Kabali fans dismayed as AirAsia officials changed the venue

Rajinikanth fans who have booked an AirAsia’s special flight to watch Kabali had a heartbreak as the AirAsia changed the venue at the last minute.

TV-9 reported that about 160 fans were on board AirAsia’s special flight from of actor Rajinikanth, travelling on AirAsia’s special airline from Bengaluru to Chennai to watch the first show of Kabali.

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However, to the passengers dismay, the AirAsia officials changed the venue to Prasad Studio in Vadapalani area of the city today morning, alleged the irate passengers.

They added that AirAsia didn't even inform them about the change of the venue in advance. Passengers told TV-9 channel, they have paid a hefty amount of Rs 8,000, which includes the fair for air ticket, movie and meals to watch the first show of the movie at the Satyam theatre in Chennai.

They said, they wanted to enjoy Kabali on its release day itself, adding that AirAsia has cheated them.
Watching Kabali in Prasad Studio is like watching it in home with a CD player, said a disappointed passenger.

Airline official said, they will reimburse the money to all the passengers, adding that they take full responsibility for the matter.

The change in schedule of the production company has led to the unfortunate turn of incidents today, said Amar Abrol, CEO, AirAsia India. He apologized to the passengers saying that, "We started the day with a smile, will watch the movie with a smile,” said Amar Abrol in his statement after the incident.

Kabali has announced its world-wide release today. Rajinikath appears in the lead role in this big budget movie. Kabali has released rave reviews and has released in over thousand screen in India and over 400 screens in the US.

However, Kabali's pirated copies are widely available on the internet. Distributors feel that it will eat into their profit , since the tickets for the movie sold at exorbitant rates.