Ladies welcome denim gown after denim jeans

From denim jeans let the trend change over to denim gowns

Ladies welcome denim gown after denim jeans

Denims are certainly the most fussfree dressing option for casual events but what if you get an option to try out the same clothing trend for your cocktail events?

Denim dress is the most gung-ho dressing option as it comes in flattering shapes, plays nice with every body type, and is wearable throughout the year.


Keeping this in mind, designer Tanieya Khanuja’s has come up with new collection of lacy denim gowns.


“These irresistible new silhouettes in the softest fabrications and also the lacy straps and pockets add a charm to it. It's so ritzy that you'll want to just live in them. Whether you're in the mood for a new twist on silhouettes or want to stand out in subtle, this will surely be your new favourite.

“ It can be worn for any cocktail party or any other events as it is manageable and very comfortable,” the designer said in a statement.

So girl, look smokin' hot in Khanuja’s new denim gown collection