Leak suggests Apple launching 3 new iPhone 7 models; find out the truth...

Leaked image shows three Apple iPhones supposedly the upcoming iPhone 7 models placed beside each other. The image reveals the new design and one model of the iPhone 7 having dual camera on the back. So is Apple going to launch 3 iPhone 7 models in September?

Leak suggests Apple launching 3 new iPhone 7 models; find out the truth...

According to Nowherelse.fr, Apple could possibly be releasing not two but three new iPhone 7 models in September 2016. An image leaked on China's Weibo shows that Apple could launch three iPhone 7 models : 4.7 iPhone 7, 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus and another similar sized iPhone 7 Pro which would feature a dual camera on the back. If the image is anything to go by then the iPhone 7 Pro will also come with the three-dot smart connector for accessories.

However, Evan Blass, who one of the most prominent gadget leakers in the world, has refuted these rumors of a third iPhone this September. He believes that Apple would not release a third new iPhone model this year in addition to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. He had tweeted earlier: "The 2 (two!) 2016 iPhone models are codenamed Sonora and Dos Palos." The emphasis was on the word "two" as he believes there should be only two iPhone 7 models hitting stores as there are only two codenames.

Other reports have pointed out that this leaked image could well be fake. The reason stated was that in the image below the iPhone brandname on the rear of the device can be seen the alphabet "S". This seems to be contradictory in nature as Apple is set to launch iPhone 7 and not an "S" model. There has been a lot of curiosity as is the norm just before the launch of a new iPhone, however the hype surrounding the upcoming Apple launch has been less as compared to past launches.

Nothing can be said for certain until Tim Cook takes the stage this September and officially launches the iPhone 7 range of smartphones by Apple. Rumors and speculations have been doing the rounds regarding what to expect from Apple as far as the upcoming iPhone models are concerned. Reports have suggested that Apple is planning to drop the universal headphone jack and the home button.