Magical Flowers that can enhance your beauty

Flowers are refreshing, aesthetic and spread joy around you. Apart from these qualities, they also help to enhance your beauty too.

Magical Flowers that can enhance your beauty


Flowers are beautiful and have a common language of beauty and elegance. They enhance the beauty of your surroundings and can enhance your beauty too.The beauty industry uses extracts from flowers to create their beauty products. Here are a few flowers that would help you to enhance beauty.



Rose water is a great skin toner and cleanser that is good for all skin types, especially for sensitive and mature skin. If you are struggling with acne and tan, then just mix rose paste with rose water and sandalwood paste and apply it on your skin. Rose not only helps in reducing acne but also helps in boosting up moisture levels. Rose water also helps in hair growth. Are you facing a hair fall problem, if so all that you need to do is to apply some rose water on the scalp with cotton wool.



Lavender is a flower that belongs to the mint family and is rich in Vitamin A, D and E and so it's mostly used for skin and hair care. Anti-bacterial qualities of this ornamental flower help fighting acne. If you are facing an acne problem boil some lavender flowers in plain water and apply it on the acne-affected area with cotton wool. Lavender softens and hydrates any rough spots or patches. People always admire someone who has a radiant skin, if you want a radiant skin just mix a few drops of lavender oil with curd and orange peel powder and make a face pack.



Violet, which is February's birth flower is perfect for dry skin. Violet leaves and flowers helps in moisturizing your skin. It can also be used as an anti- inflammatory agent. You can make creams, lotions, balms, massage oil, and toners by infusing fresh extracts from the plant with oil or water.



Hibiscus that is less widely known as rose mallow has amazing anti- ageing properties. As to get a smooth skin just boil hibiscus petals grind them into a paste and mix with sandalwood powder then apply the mixture on your skin, make sure that you use the water in which you boiled these petals to wash the pack off, as this helps in retaining moisture of the skin. You can also grind hibiscus leaves and apply it on your hair instead of using a shampoo as this would make your hair smooth and silky.



Witch hazel, a shrub with yellow fragrant flower can be used as a natural cleanser and toner. It naturally has high levels of astringent Tannins which helps in removing oil and helps tighten your skin. This flower helps prevent Razer burns. This amazing flower can also be used as an anti inflammatory agent. Also can be of use as hot wax treatment for hair removal.



Jasmine is not just a beautiful ornamental flower, it has much more qualities also. When mixed and applied as a mixture with honey it enhances your skin's elasticity. It also helps to reduce pimple marks, acne scars or pigmentation when made as a pack with jasmine paste, oatmeal, rose water and potato juice. Water boiled with jasmine can be used as hair conditioner too.