Makeup brushes and their uses

Not all the brushes must be used for shading your eyes.. here is the guide for the right use of those brushes.

Makeup brushes and their uses


Foundation Brush


This brush is designed to get that smooth and flawless foundation finish. The bristles are tightly packed and their tapered tip helps in equal distribution and application of fluid. It is advised that you must first dampen the brush in warm water and squeeze it tightly to a towel or tissue. It tackles the blemishes, dark circles, acne or any zits.

Tip: You can also blend any brush strokes as you go with a damp natural or wedge sponge. 

Powder Brush


This brush is soft and fluffy. Stop using the puff that came along your compact powder. These brushes come in big and small in size.  The small powder brush will help you to apply the powder in and around your eye area and the big sized brush helps in your cheeks, chin, and forehead and top of your nose bone area.

Blusher brush


This type of brush has fluffy bristles and a rounded finish. The blush brush allows the colour spread smooth across your cheeks to get you that natural looking tint. Use it to sweep blush onto the apples of your cheeks, apply in long strokes moving towards the temples.

Eyeliner Brush


This brush has a fine tip or an angled tip that helps in perfection. It hold the liquid, gel or shadow well so that you get a good grip and will make no room for late excuses.

Lip Brush


It's the best-shaped brush to give you perfect lips. Line your lips, then dab the brush with lipstick. Start from the center of your lips towards the outer edge. It helps the lipsticks to last longer and cuts down on wasting your precious products.

Eye Shadow Brush


They have tapered but soft bristles which makes it perfect for a precise shadow application. Do not underestimate the results that these brushes will get you.  It truly is a glamorous experience to see the way eye shadow color hug the sockets of your eyes!

Brow/Lash- Comb/Brush


This multi-purpose brush can groom your lashes and your eyebrows. Comb your lashes and remove the mascara clumps. Then comb your brows and use the brush to spread the little remains of the mascara. This is a quick way to get darker and defined eyebrows.