Beef rumours: Mayawati slams BJP over assault on women in Madhya Pradesh

"In Madhya Pradesh, in the name of 'gau raksha' (cow protection), women have been beaten up. Police remained a mute spectator. They were Muslim women... it is cannot be tolerated," Mayawati said in Rajya Sabha

Mayawati : BSP supremo in Rajya Sabha

The BSP supremo is not sparing any opportunity in hitting out at the BJP ever since former BJP vice-president for Uttar Pradesh, now expelled, Daya Shankar Singh termed her a ‘prostitute’ that led to massive furore in Parliament and BSP workers taking out protests slamming the comments.

Now Mayawati, has raked up the beating up of two Muslim women in Madhya Pradesh on beef rumours, in Rajya Sabha. She lamented the situation prevailing in BJP-ruled states.

“In Madhya Pradesh, in the name of ‘gau raksha’ (cow protection), women have been beaten up. Police remained mute spectators. They were Muslim women… it is cannot be tolerated,” Mayawati said.

The two women were allegedly beaten up by cow protection vigilantes.

Soon, members of the BSP and the Congress trooped near the Chairman’s podium and raised slogans. However, after a few minutes, they went back to their seats.

Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad said they were not against protecting cows, but targeting the Dalits and the minorities would not be tolerated.

“Cow should be protected. But in name of protection, Dalits and Muslims are being targeted. We are not against protecting cows, but if you target the Dalits and the minorities then we will oppose,” Azad said.

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said the government was ready for a debate on the issue.

“I want to make it clear that the country is run as per the Constitution and not by muscle power. Any incident of violence is condemnable. The Madhya Pradesh government has taken action in the matter. We want an atmosphere of development and trust,” he said.

The minister also said the Opposition members should “rise above politics” on such issues.

“On such sensitive issues, we should rise above politics. Peace and harmony in the society should be the priority,” Naqvi said.

Congress leader Anand Sharma questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence on the incidents taking place in BJP-ruled states.┬áTo this, Naqvi said: “Give a notice, we are ready for discussion.”

Two women were allegedly beaten up by a mob in Mandsaur, around 350 km from state capital Bhopal by cow vigilantes following a rumour that they had large quantity of beef to sell.

In a video, the police was seen making attempts to stop the mob.