Friday, July 29th, 2016

Mentally unstable passenger causes Indigo flight to land in Mumbai

Narada Desk | July 29, 2016 2:27 am Print
Indigo Airlines flight from Dubai made an emergency landing at the Mumbai airport following unruly beviour by a passenger.
Indigo flight Emergency landing at Mumbai.

An Indigo Airlines flight from Dubai-Calicut made an emergency landing at the Mumbai airport following a ruckus on board.
According to officials, one passenger from Kerala, Islamil (24) has been offloaded with his brother after being overpowered by other passengers in the flight. Reportedly, he seems to be “mentally disturbed”, added police who are verifying his “medical report”.

“An IndiGo flight from Dubai to Kozhikode made an emergency landing at Mumbai airport at 0915 hrs due to unruly behaviour of a passenger. After offloading them, the flight took off to its scheduled destination at 1050 hrs,” a Mumbai airport official was quoted as saying, reported Outlook.

“After offloading him, the flight took off to its scheduled destination at 1050 hrs,” he added.

The passenger hails from Pullikkal of Malappuram district in Kerala, reported Mathrubhumi.

According to the passengers, soon after the flight departed from Dubai, the passenger stood up from his seat and began to give a speech. Reportedly he was criticizing the activities of IS and appears to be mentally deranged, passengers told Malayalam daily Mathrubhumi.

He started to sit on the forward cart used to serve food onboard and began to abuse a co-passenger, said other passengers, who politely asked him to get down from the cart.
“He created a big scene over the matter gave us tension for almost one and half hour,” said a passenger.
Later the crew and passengers overpowered him. He was handed over to the police and CISF officials in Mumbai after the flight made an emergency landing.

In a statement, IndiGo airlines said its Dubai- Kozhikode flight was diverted to Mumbai this morning on grounds of unruly behaviour by a passenger on board.

Both officials and passengers have denied the claims by sections of the media that the passenger has raised slogans supporting the IS.

A few days back, an Emirates Boeing flight also made emergency landing in Mumbai airport, as the crew detected smoke in the cockpit.