Movie Review: Monkey King: Hero is Back

The English version of Monkey King: Hero is Back, is out! Here's all that you need to know about the movie to decide whether or not to go for it.

Movie Review: Monkey King: Hero is Back

Genre: Animation, Action

Director: Tian Xiao Peng

Writer: Tian Xiao Peng, Stephanie Sheh (English adaptation), and Cory Edward

Cast: Jackie Chan (Voice of The Monkey King), Feodor Chin (Evil Lord) and James Hong (Old Monk).

This Chinese movie was originally released last year, however, it's English-dubbed version hit the theatres in Dubai on 21 July 2016. Monkey King: Hero is Back, is no Kung Fu Panda, nonetheless, when it comes to the quality of animation and cinematography, it is just as good as any blockbuster animated film.

In terms of the story line, there is nothing too interesting. It is a rather mainstream story of a hero figure coming to the rescue of commoner and achieving great appreciation after having saved the damsel in distress. In this case, the damsel was a little boy who was a fan of his and hundred babies that were going to be victims of the Evil Lord’s misdeeds.

The core traditional values of China are embedded into the movie. The concept of Chinese Zodiac has been referred with the use of characters such as monkey, pig, dragons and a snake. The religious devotion towards Buddha and the basic teachings of a Monk are also highlighted into the movie. Another Chinese concept, which has been used, is the Yin-Yang trough showing the hero to have a bad side and the villain to have a forgiving nature towards his dispels.

Some parts of the story are unclear and there are a few instances where the story becomes too obvious to predict.

The craze of animated movies is prevalent not only amongst children and teenagers but also amongst adults, which is one of the main reasons for a game like Pokemon Go to gain such widespread following. Unfortunately, unlike few recent blockbuster animations such as, Kung Fu Panda and Finding Dory, Monkey King is not as entertaining as I anticipated it to be.

This movie is a sure thrill for children; the same cannot be said for adults. Narada will give Monkey King: Hero Is Back one and a half hash tags out of 5.

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