Movie review: Shorgul portrays communal politics, harsh riot using strong characters

Shorgul is a love story (Love Triangle) filmed in the modern day arena, focusing mainly on the varied relationships and its trauma dealing with the society
Shorgul review, shorgul film review

Depicting the harsh reality of socio-political issues of contemporary India, the Jimmy Shergill, Ashutosh Rana starer movie, Shogul, is filmed in the unpredictable state of Uttar Pradesh. The story is a love story (Love Triangle) filmed in the modern day arena, focusing mainly on the varied relationships and its trauma dealing with the society.

The first half of the flick gives us glimpse of varied socio-political background that frames the story. Showcasing the liberal and cosmopolitan ideals of the vastly changing world is the family of Chaudhary saab (Ashutosh Rana) who also happens to be a proactive defender not only of the rights of farmers (cutting across communal and caste divides) but also a staunch proponent of truth and justice, a strong character which forms the bedrock of the story. In contrast to the liberal and secular ideals of the Chaudhary we have the portrayal of the aspiring rural politician Ranjit Om (Jimmy Shergill) encumbered and at peace with all the baggage of crime, cunning and goons.

The protagonists enacting the young vibrant India are: Saleem (Hiten Tejwani), a Muslim liberal entrepreneur who runs a garment shop, his fiancé Zainab (Suha Gezen) a college going, free thinking Muslim women and Raghu (Anirudh Dave), Zainab’s neighbour/childhood friend/secret lover and also Chaudhary’s son.

We are introduced to mature and evolving equations of love and friendship throughout the early half. It is only with the introduction of the communal card in the above relationships followed by boiling up of intense political propaganda that stirs up the pace. Charged with murder, violence and communal flare-ups the second half of the story picks up pace towards the conclusion.

A well laid out plot with a strong string of characters is what we can definitely term the movie as. Touching a varied scheme of social and political issues but with a strong tinge of contemporary communal politics that drives the story to its conclusion, Shorgul, depicts the social turmoil and convulsions that lies just below the surface even in our modern times. Rana’s exhortions to the dichotomy of vikas and vinaash sum up these complexities that plague the modern society, on the other hand the charged words of various communal proponents depicted in the story portray (be it the call for the Hindu youth to shed blood or a call to the Muslim masses to take up arms) the vigour and logic that are used to ignite emotions among the masses.

The strong character of Chaudhary saab wonderfully accomplished by Ashutosh Rana in his new avatar, is the reason enough why Shorgul should not be missed.

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