Munich attack: Angela Merkel vows to protect Germans

World mourned for Munich victims. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called it a night of terror.

Munich attack: Angela Merkel vows to protect Germans

Expressing shock over the attack in a mall in Munich on Friday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated her government's position that its security services will "do everything possible to protect the security and freedom of all people in Germany".

Speaking to reporters today in Berlin, Merkel said the train attack on Monday night and Friday night’s deadly rampage in Munich had involved "places where any of us could have been" and have left Germans wondering "where is safe?".

“Such an evening and such a night is difficult to bear,” she talked about the Munich attack, adding, “And it’s even more difficult to bear because we have had so much terrible news in so few days”.

She called the shooting rampage in Munich “a night of terror.”

"Ladies and gentlemen, we will find out what exactly lay behind the crime in Munich. We will not rest until we have precise knowledge about how the perpetrator of the Wuerzburg (axe) attack became radicalized," she said.

Merkel condoled the death of nine people in the terrorist attack on Friday, CNN reported. The victims included three each from Turkey, Kosovo and one Greek national and rest of them were German citizens. All of the victims were residing in Munich and some of them were children.

She told the grieving families, who have lost their dear one's in the attack "We share your pain. We think of you. We suffer with you."

"We are mourning those who will never go back to their families," she said added.

Security agencies are yet to confirm the involvement of any terrorist organization in the Munich attack. The attacker is reported be suffering from depression, revealed police, adding he was obsessed with mass shooting.

French President Francois Hollande has termed the terrorist attack an “ignoble act aimed at spreading horror in Germany. (Germany) will stand up to this. It can count on France’s friendship and cooperation” .

US President Barak Obama has also expressed condolences.