Munich shooting: German Police confirm 9 deaths in shootout

Armed assailants have started a shooting spree in Munich, killing at least nine. Causalities are likely to be more in Munich attack says local media.

Munich shooting: German Police confirm 9 deaths in shootout

German security officials confirmed that at least nine people were killed in a shootout in  Munich today at 18:48 local time.
An unidentified gunman has started firing at people  at a McDonald’s restaurant, said police. People were seen running to escape the onslaught, said the Guardian newspaper.

However, local TV channel NTV has put the toll around 10, saying that there are chances of more casualties.
RT channel has reported that involvement of multiple attackers, saying that they have targeted at various places in the city.

Police officials added, it is still not sure if there are more attackers involved in the shooting. Soon after the incident, The British Foreign Office has published a fresh alert for all the UK citizens in its website.

“There are reports of an incident at the Munich Olympia Shopping Centre. You are advised to avoid this location and follow the advice of local authorities", said the alert.

The German interior ministry stated that nine people were killed in the attack. However, they are yet to nab the attacker, who has opened fire at people outside  a McDonald’s restaurant. The ministry official have advised the people to stay away from public places.

Police and emergency services have surrounded the entire area soon after the shooting began. However, authorities are yet to confirm the involvement of more than one attacker. German officials said, they are yet to establish the identity of the assailant, however, a video by the Guardian has showed an armed man shooting indiscriminately at people outside the restaurant.

Authorities have termed the incident a ''shooting rampage'', and advised people to stay in their homes. The public transport has been closed in view of the volatile situation.
Officials said, they have mobilised all the available forces to fight the attackers.

Eyewitnesses have spotted three attackers in the area surrounding the Olympia shopping centre, reported local media .