Natural Remedies to Relieve Migraine Pain

10 easy and effective health tips to get rid of migraine pain and avoid migraine in the future.

Natural Remedies to Relieve Migraine Pain

Migraine is a common issue nowadays, but it can be a severely painful experience. Causes of migraines vary from person to person. Some of its general causes are sleep deprivation, stress, diet imbalance, exposure to heat, alcohol and caffeine consumption. Low levels of Estrogen can also be a major cause of migraine, due to which some women suffer from migraine around the time of their menstrual cycle. In some cases dairy products also trigger migraine. It is important to keep track of what triggers migraine and record the time and date, to further understand the causes that trigger migraine.

Following are 10 easy and effective ways to get rid of migraine pains without popping any pills:

  1. Sleep


There is no migraine severe enough that sleep can’t cure. Shut the door, bring down the temperature of your room, switch off the lights and snuggle into your bed. Take deep breaths and try to get as much sleep as possible. You will wake up next morning migraine-free.

  1. Ice Pack

Ice pack

Ice and cold objects help reduce inflammation. Grab an ice pack or just use ice cubes. Apply the ice pack behind your neck to ease down migraine pains. For better results you can dip your hands and feet into hot water with an ice pack at the back of your neck.

  1. Grape Juice

Grape Juice

According to health sources, grapes are one of the best natural painkillers. Having a glass of black grape juice helps in reducing migraines. Make sure to have a drink of freshly blended grape juice. Preserved juice bottles will not help.

  1. Apple cider vinegar and honey

Apple Cider Vinegar

This divine portion of health is a must for all. The blend of honey and apple cider vinegar has too many qualities to list down. It helps in eliminating migraine attacks, reducing weight, detoxifying the body as well as nourishing skin and hair. A daily dose of it is advisable for maintaining overall health.

  1. Ginger


Ginger, too, is a natural cure for inflammation. A spoonful of honey and ginger, a ginger ale or a blend of ginger with juices, preferably black grape or carrot, are most certainly going to reduce migraine.

  1. Carrots


Speaking of carrots. This fruit helps in easing blood circulation, which is turn helps in relief from migraine. Having carrot juice with spinach, or as mentioned previously, with ginger, is one of the best home remedies to relieve you from the pain.

  1. Essential Oils

essential Oils

Applying and sniffing any of these essential oils will surely help in reduction of migraine pains and headaches: Lavender, Peppermint, Castor, Eucalyptus and M-Grain. It is advisable to keep one of these essential oils at your disposal.

  1. have a bath with Johnson’s baby soothing vapor bath

johnsons and baby

Who would have thought? Head in for a cold shower and apply Johnson’s baby soothing vapor bath, while you’re at it, sniff some of it too, for getting rid of migraine.

  1. Chamomile

chamomile tea

Chamomile, especially the one from Germany, aids in soothing migraine pains because it has antispasmodic and an anti-inflammatory qualities. Having a few drops of it with tea or some warm water is a great way to escape a throbbing headache.

  1. Massage


You don’t have to head to a spa in that excruciating pain. Gently massage these areas by yourself for relief from pain: area between your eye-brows, back of your neck, corner of your nose that meets the eyes, the area of scalp above your ears, the soft area between tour thumb and index finger, and the area between your big toe and the index toe.