NBA experts train Arjun Kapoor for basketball scenes in 'Half Girlfriend'

Arjun says NBA team trained him for two and a half months so that basketball shots in the film look real

NBA experts train Arjun Kapoor for basketball scenes in

Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor has said that people associated with the popular NBA from America helped him fine-tune his basketball skills for his upcoming film 'Half Girlfriend', also starring Shraddha Kapoor.

The film 'Half Girlfriend' is based on a Chetan Bhagat novel of the same name.

"In the book, basketball is a crucial element at the beginning of their relationship. It's because of basketball that he gets the confidence to talk to the girl. We wanted the basketball shots to look real, not just bouncing around the ball for the sake of it. That is the reason why people from America and NBA came to train us and spent two and a half months with me," the actor said.

"After 'Ki & Ka' was released, I had begun my preparation," Arjun said, during an interview for the promotion of film 'Ice Age: Collision Course', for which he lent his voice.

Arjun's basketball-playing scenes were the ones to be released first in the film's promo. His Twitter profile picture also shows him with the ball. The basketball scenes were reportedly shot at Delhi's Shri Ram College of Commerce.

"There is that Bihar style of talking by the character and I didn't want it to look caricaturish. His English is not up to the mark and though he knows it, he hesitates to speak it because he is from Bihar. He is told that you are from Bihar and your English is poor, what will you be able to do in life. Just because he can't speak in English doesn't mean he is not intelligent," Arjun said, elaborating about his character in 'Half Girlfriend'.

"It's a big issue in India that people judge you on the basis of your English. So I wanted to play the character as genuinely as possible," he added.

"Half Girlfriend", also starring Shraddha Kapoor, is slated to release next year.