NFL player Michael Vick to face jail for evading police

NFL player Michael Vick will face jail for evading arrest, a video showed.

NFL player Michael Vick to face jail for evading police

Michael Vick, the famous NFL player is likely to spend over one month in jail for trying to flee police, when they came to arrest him with warrants issued for a civil case.

TMZ has released a video, which shows Michael Vick trying to flee from the scene when the police tried to apprehend him for the offence. According to the video, Michael Vick has been surrounded police officers. But he tried to escape from them, which led the police team to chase him for some time.

However, the team soon found him taking rest at a sidewalk. However, the police this time approached him with a hidden camera. It recorded the footrace between him and the police. The evidence is enough to give him at least one month jail sentence, it is feared.

Vick has a history of coming into clashes with the law earlier, and this one is the recent said commentators. The famous star player is reported to be mostly off the field, nowadays for his mischievous activities. However, the 36-year old, free-agent quarterback revealed on many occasions that he is still dreaming of a comeback to his loved game.
During HoopTee Celebrity Golf Classic Vick nostalgically talked about his once dashing football career and boasted about his record of being the fastest quarterbacks.However, now the tide seems to have changed against him in the league.

He was considered to be the fastest NFL player ever in recent times and has set many records.

When asked about his biggest competitors in the game, Vick opened up his mind on them. Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III or Cam No.

"No, Cam can't beat me in the 40," Vick told the The Charlotte Observer.He added that Cam has impressed him in the field. "His speed is decent. Decent speed. Good enough. Fast enough, I will say that."