Omar says he was punished by people for not acting when violence erupted in 2010

Omar Abdullah said Mehbooba Mufti is committing the same mistake he has done during 2010 killings
Omar bdullah

Omar Abdullah former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister and National Conference leader said that he was punished by the people for not acting when protest erupted in the valley in 2010. In an interview to Hindustan Times Omar said chief minister Mehbooba Mufti is committing the same mistake he made by going into a shell when the state is burning.

“Mehbooba Mufti has made the same mistake as me. I went into a shell in 2010 and she has also withdrawn into a shell. The first 24-48 hours are crucial. That is when your people need to see and hear you” Omar Abdullah said.

In 2010, 116 youths were killed when protest erupted in the valley. And the Omar Abdullah now says that he lost the 2014 election because of he could not respond to the killings of youths in a way he should have.

2010 protest erupted after the three youths were killed by the security forces. Later it was proved that these youths were killed in fake encounters.

Omar Abdulla in his interview to Hindustan Times said that in 2010, Mehbooba Mufti called for his resignation. But added that he did not want to play politics and said it is a difficult  situation for her to deal.

He expressed surprise that even the Union home minister Rajnath Singh called him to discuss the issue, chief minister Mehbooba has not cared to call or discuss the issue with him.

“She should have at least been on television appealing for calm but she seems to have retreated into a shell at a time when she needed to be seen and heard. People call her ‘baaji’ or elder sister but I had no such kind titles coming my way” Omar said.

He said his party is not  going to fan the flames by using this as an opportunity to unseat her.”

He said the current protest is more dangerous because it is leaderless.