Paranormal Investigator Gaurav Tiwari Commits Suicide

Gaurav Tiwari the founder and CEO of Indian Paranormal Society committed suicide by hanging in the bathroom of his Dwaraka house, New Delhi. Primary reports revealed that Tiwari's death did not involve any foul play.

Gaurav Tiwari, the Paranormal Society founder was found dead on Friday, July 8th under mysterious circumstances. According to the police, he had committed suicide by hanging in the bathroom of his house in Dwarka, New Delhi.
As per the preliminary autopsy report, police said that Tiwari’s death did not involve any foul play. However, the reason behind Tiwari taking the extreme step is yet to be ascertained. Sources said that investigators had found a stool in the bathroom and suspects that he might have used it to hang himself.
A senior police officer said, “The preliminary autopsy report confirms that he committed suicide. All his family members, including his parents and wife, were present in the Dwarka flat when he hanged himself using a piece of cloth.” But no case has still been registered in connection with the incident even as a legal proceeding as per section 174 of CrPC is underway.
According to Amit Singh, his colleague, Tiwari had complained to his family about some “negative forces” tormenting him.But he himself never believed that these forces are negative. Gaurav Tiwari’s family members were not happy with his Paranormal activities, often stretched late into the night and came with minimal dividends.
Tiwari who had visited over 6000 haunted locations had established his firm in 2009 and subsequently constituted full-fledged teams in Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai.
Police sources reported that Tiwari had gone to Janakpuri on the night of July 6 to conduct a probe on Paranormal activity. After returning home at 1 am, he had a confrontation with his parents. On the subsequent day, Tiwari was found dead in his bathroom.
Gaurav started his career as an actor at the age of 16 eventually graduated from the MVP S Aero Academy, Texas and became a Pilot by profession. In his early days of Aviation career, Gaurav experienced something which changed him to a believer from a non – believer.
Tiwari had worked with various TV shows including Haunted Weekends with Sunny Leone, Bhoot Aaya, MTV he Ticket and Fear Files.