Pokemon Go, A Game on Augmented Reality: SO, What's Augmented Reality?

Pokemon Go by Niantic is the most played game in the world and uses Augmented Reality. It makes the use of maps and GPS to take players to a Pokemon.

Pokemon Go, A Game on Augmented Reality: SO, What

Pokemon Go a recent trending game by Niantic, which has even more number of users than Twitter. Pokemon Go is a game that takes you from real world to a virtual world. When you first download the app you create an Avatar, the app uses maps and GPS We hear people saying Pokemon Go is a game on Augmented Reality(AR), but then let us find out first what does it mean by Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is defined as the amalgamation (or combination) of digital information with the user's environment in real time. Augmented reality uses the existing environment and inlays new information on it. AR is the direct or indirect view of elements of real-world environment which are enlarged by computer-generated sensory inputs such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

With the help of advanced technology, the real world becomes connected and digitally manageable. Though we recently heard about the term Augmented Reality, we have started experiencing versions of it in the recent past. The technological changes that have revolutionized sports coverage on Television, slow-motion replays, can be described as forms of augmented reality, as it gives you a chance to closely examine what has happened in the field to arrive at a good decision.

Andy Cameron, executive director of Fabrica said that Augmented Reality has been around for ages. Only thing that changed in the recent past is that with the arrival of smart phones and computers, with in - built video technology, Augmented Reality has come with in the reach of all technological developers.

Augmented Reality technology has also recently been used in retail sector. To attract their customers, shoppers are now using AR technology as it has the power to give life for an image.customers can get a clear view of products with the advent of this technology.

Now this technology is being used in games to make them more attractive. With this technology, these games have the power to take the player on a tour from real world to a virtual world where you can see things more clear.
We started saying about Augmented Reality with reference to the game " Pokemon Go", but this is not the only app that uses this technology. There are few other apps that also use this technology.

They are Ingress, Zombies, Run, Zombies Everywhere, The Walk, Superhero Workout, SpecTrek, Temple Treasure Hunt Game, etc.