'Pokemon Go' firm Nintendo's shares show 10 % rise in Tokyo Stock Exchange

Nintendo, which came up with Pokemon Go game with augmented reality and GPS saw about 10% rise in its share value. Pokemon Go is the most trending game in US and it is more popular than Facebook or Twitter.

Japanese videogame maker Nintendo which has created the successful video game 'Pokemon Go' has registered new heights at the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Tuesday. Apparently, Nintendo's shares have reached their peak today, riding on the popularity of the game in US, UK, Japan and  other nations.

In the first half of the trading session, Nintendo's shares saw an upward movement by 10.79 per cent, reported EFE news. Nintendo's price value has touched an all-time high of $291 per share, added the news channel. The new figures are a bit more than double of the $136 with which the company's shares had closed on July 6, when the new game was launched, added experts.

After July 7, the Kyoto-based company's stocks have been revalued at 114.04 per cent. Its capitalization has also doubled up to $37 billion said the company executives. They revealed that, Nintendo is now aiming for a growth of around $19 billion in next week and a half.

This meteoric rise, highest experienced by the company in a decade, is due to the phenomenal success of the augmented reality (AR) game Pokemon Go that invites users to seek out fantastical creatures from real situations with the help of a mobile phone camera.

The 'Pokemon Go' is a rage among smartphone users across the globe, said observers, adding that in many countries, where it is not available now, internet users are trying their best to down the app using all kinds of tricks.

The game has been the most downloaded app on iOS and Android stores where it is available in select countries like the US, Canada, New Zealand and almost entire Europe. The company is planning to introduce the game in some other countries as well, said officials. The game will be available for users and they can download them. In some countries like the US, the game is very popular and claimed to have overtaken social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. In US alone, more than 21 million users are spending their time to play the game, according to industry sources.

'Pokemon Go' has received rave reviews in the United Kingdom since its formal launch in the country recently, added experts.