Pokemone Go: The Childhood Fantasy Comes to Reality

Pokemon Go is here, is it saving the world or has it proved to be troublesome.

Pokemon, which shot to its popularity in the late 1990’s, is now making a come back through Pokemon Go. Niantic developed this location based augmented reality mobile game, which was initially released in July 2016 for i phones and Android devices. Pokemon Go takes you on a journey between virtual world and real world.
It’s so popular that it’s about to overtake Twitter in terms of active users on Android. Pokemon Go detects where and when you are in the game and makes Pokemon appear around you, so that you can go and catch them just like it used to be in the Pokemon series. As you move more species of Pokemon will appear around you depending on where you are and what time it is.
As you log in for the first time, players can create their own Avatar. Player can customize in-game character’s look and name. When the Avatar is created, it is displayed at the players current location along with a map of his immediate surroundings. As the player travels the real world, the avatars move along the games map.
Unlike Pokemon, the game Pokemon Go makes you explore the real world environment, for example, when you are in a park you’ll probably see more of grass or insect – related Pokemon and while near a lake or an Ocean you’ll be able to pick up more aquatic creatures, and if you go out at night you’ll see more of spooky Pokemon’s.
Players essentially need to catch them all (as to earn the medals attached to catching Pokemon), you’re going to explore far and wide, during  day and night — like Ash Ketchum does in the famous animation TV show.
People are so addicted to Pokemon Go that they keep hunting down Pokemon’s at their office desks, in hospital rooms and even in bathrooms. Though its a game of ” augmented reality”, people have become so engrossed in the game that they ignore their surroundings.

Players have even stopped in midst of the traffic as to catch Pokemon . One teenage girl has reported to have found a dead body while she was out looking for Pokemon. Police in Missouri claimed that four suspected robbers lured in victims with the possibility of Pokemon.
But why are people hunting down these virtual creatures while at work or as they go to bathroom? The game received a mixed critical response. However, it was the most downloaded smartphone app in the United States within the first three days of its release .