Pope Benedict creates another history, this time talks about his days as Pope

Pope Benedict in an interview with German journalist says that there was guy group in Vatican and they tried to influence the decisions.

Pope Benedict creates another history, this time talks about his days as Pope


Former Pope Benedict, who created history by resigning from the papacy- the only person to do so in the last 600 years- is to become perhaps the first Pope to talk about his spiritual life, his life as the ruler of the spiritual empire of one billion believers and his resignation. In a book long interview to be published in September, Pope Benedict says no one pressurised him to resign, but blames that a group of four or five guy lobby tried to influence the decisions of the Church but he broke that group.

Pope Benedict spoke to German journalist Peter Seewald  soon after he resigned on 2013 Feb 28.

The book named 'The Last Conversations'  deals with Benedict's childhood under Nazi regime, his priesthood days, life in Vatican,  his life as cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and papacy and  his thoughts about his successor pope Francis


There were speculations that it was politics  within Vatican  prompted Benedict to take the historic decision. But the book seems does not agree with it.

During his papacy he denounced gay marriage saying it as manipulation of nature. But Pope Francis took liberal view on this.  Pope Francis has several times criticised the discrimination meted out to gays. But the Catholic Church remains opposed to same sex marriage.

Benedict who now has the title of emeritus pope in the book, excerpts of which was published in Italian daily COrrier Della Sera, says the decision to leave the office was made freely and there was no blackmail or pressure. But his remarks on guy pressure groups has already triggered controversies.

Benedict resigned after a troubled papacy after the Vatileaks case in which his butler leaked some of the personal letters of Pope and other documents that alleged corruption and power struggle within Vatican

In the book Benedict says he was surprised when cardinals choose Francis as his successor.  Benedict says he has maintained a dairy through out his papacy period but added that he will destroy it.

Seewald,  has also published  book based on his interview with Benedict titled “Light of the Word: The Pope, the Church and the Signs of the Times.” He had previously published two other books on then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, “The Salt of the Earth,” and “God and the World.”